Power Up

Motion Graphic

The newest step of my motion graphic and visualizer journey, was creating a logo bump/promo for my own brand. My brand vaguely hints on the digital world, using the refresh symbol as a base point for my logo and brand ideology. Therefore, I created something that embodies digital. An electrical, grid setup that is sparked and lit by the power of my brand. I hope you enjoy my latest creation.

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Photo of Giovanni



My name is Giovanni Corrado Leone and I grew up outside of Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania. You can usually find me at my desk jamming to my spotify playlist with a kitten in my lap. If not there, I'm out traveling to new cities or countries in search of great beer, music, and art. This has led me to places like Germany, Cuba, Canada, Boulder, Chicago and many more.


The School of Design at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) provided me with a diverse and excellent education. I completed all my primary courses and concentration in Communication with flying colors. In addition, I was able to gain new knowledge in electives like woodworking, typeface design, editorial design, packaging, and photography.


My main interests in life revolve around music, fostering animals, art, traveling, and good food. Some of these activites led to the creation of my clothing company, Revival Klothing, and numerous collaborations with other artists. In addition, I am the founder of Team Rocket and 8th Gym Leader, get at me.