Packaging Design

In their free time between a series of philanthropy projects in Mexico, two amigos, Taylor A. Kaiser and Giovanni C. Leone, were trained in the ancient art of burrito making. They brought this ancient wonder back home and were determined to share it with everyone. Thus, Amigos Burritos was born!

Amigos Burritos uses locally sourced, organic ingredients and is packaged in post consumer recycled paper. There are four different variants of burrito which include carnivore, breakfast, veggie, and loaded. Each variant is coded by color and pattern. The package function was inspired by the husking of corn, thus corn was used as a main ingredient. To open, grab a point on the top of the box and tear down the perforated edges, create a block for any juice that may roll down your hands. In addition, the deck at the bottom hold the burrito up and is filled with a guaze pad, absorbing juices and keeping your burrito from getting soggy.