Positive Negative Magazine

Winner of a 2015 Golden Addy Award

Positive Negative Magazine was awarded a Golden Addy at the 2015 RAF American Advertising Awards under the category collateral material. The magazine's cover and back were printed using thermal reactive inks, revealing a hidden image underneath whenever heat is applied.

The Gearheads spread is featured on the 54th page in the eighth volume of RIT's student run Positive Negative Magazine. This magazine is the colmination of 15 weeks of collaborative work between photographers and designers. The class is run by two faculty members and a class elected staff. I was the lone designer on the Production Team, working closely with the RIT's Printing Applications Lab to assure a smooth completion and compiling the magazine's master file.

In addition to the Gearheads spread and Production Team, I collaborated with Jordan Knapp to concept and design the magazine's spine. We also were in charge of creating and designer the Production Notes page and a short animation for the introduction of our highlight reel.

Issue 8 Spine 8 Spread One Spread Two Spread One Spread Two