Branding & Identity

Janus is a hiking service dedicated to providing accurate and helpful information about trails and regions all around the World. We would like to be the first and primary resource that hikers and rangers can use to compile facts, tips, and supplies for their journey. There were five main components created for the Janus project.

A set of branding guidelines to allow for a consistent clean, simplistic, user-friendly brand that was highly recognizable. Within the brand guidelines are rules for logo usage, typography, photography, and numerous other aspects. Full PDF Version.

Guidebooks were designed for different regions around the United States. Each book contains trail maps, gear checklists, weather charts, and hazard alerts to provide helpful information for any type of explorer. Full PDF Version.

A Mobile Application was built to help hikers on the go and provide a condensed, accessible version of our information. Also, the application would host an environment for hikers and rangers to communicate about the trails.

An augmented reality feature was created a lasting bond with the environment and a bridge between technology and nature. This feature involves the placement of copper plates in points of interest around and within the trails.

The Janus Survival Kit was a product that contained the necessities for basic survival. It was designed to be waterproof, lightweight, and take up minimal space while providing numerous motivational excerpts to maintain morale.

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