Typeface Design

Spire was created at RIT in the Typeface Design class taught by Kris Holmes. The original focus and concept of spire was to create a legible blackletter that could be used with versatility, but mainly be highly readible at smaller sizes. This led to the mixture of the blackletter and foundational calligraphic hand. Spire incorpartes the angular structure and rigidity of a blackletter, while featuring curves and serifs from foundational. You can download Spire for commerical and personal use by clicking here.

In my second semester of Typeface Design, I decided to try and create a set of capitals intertwined with illustrations. I built characters with creatures from various mythologies from across the world. Then, I designed a bestiary to house each character, illustration, and short description. It was printed locally (at the time) in Rochester, New York and bound in a crimson-red fabric.You can download Spire's Special Characters for commerical and personal use by clicking here.

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